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At Chrome & Black we pride ourselves on many years of combined experience and professional knowledge in the quality products we supply to our customers.

We actually use all of the products we stock and for this reason you won’t find everything under the sun stocked at Chrome & Black, as we only sell what we know to be the highest quality and best products on the market.

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Chrome & Black have been High Rise's preferred paint supplier since day one. Projects often come with improbable deadlines and expectations, but where paint’s concerned, they’re not impossible. Chrome & Black stock the range, quality, and supply the large quantity we need within 24 hours. With so much uncertainty in this industry, it’s reliable family businesses like these that keep us on track and on deadline."
- Terry Guy, Founder & Ceo, High Rise Murals

The staff at Chrome and Black have a comprehensive knowledge of their products and are quick to help out with any information. They are easy to work with and their turn around on orders is fast and efficient. We use their products for the majority of projects that we undertake, both for murals outside and canvas work inside. We would highly recommend their store to anyone seeking spraypaint or other urban art supplies in London."
- David, Graffiti Life

Chrome & Black were always on hand for us whilst we fabricated and installed the Livings Walls project, a 3.5 km installation of public art around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. They were quick on their toes and seemed to have an endless supply and spectrum of colours..."
- Kristophe Hofford, Moniker Projects Founder

I contacted Chrome & Black to urgently advise and support painting some key items for a bespoke event due to a supplier letting me down, they were quick to respond and extremely helpful. The paint and quality of the finish they achieved were spot on and the items formed an outstanding centre piece to the event. I have been back since to buy paint pens and markers for a number of quick touch ups on other items at my events and they have always had the items I require in stock. I would recommend Chrome & Black’s staff, shop or website for any painting or equipment needs.”
- James Debbage, Project Manager TRO Group

Chrome and Black are out-there amazing. I rang them not only because I needed paint, but I needed a graffiti artist who could come the same day and make some stencil pieces for a Mos Def show that night (as you do!) They were professional, responsive and super cool."
- Tess Acheson, Secret Productions

Hi. Bought some Molotow sprays and skinny caps from your shop today. Thought I'd let you know that I thought the shop had a great cosy atmosphere - great advice from the woman who served me and even one of the guys just passing by the counter. The caps worked a treat - Cheers guys"
- Leon, In Store Customer

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