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Montana VARNISH Spray Paint. CLICK TO WATCH!

The ‘Montana Varnish Spray Paint’ is a great addition to your paint repertoire, its very easy to use if you follow the instructions in this video, it’s sure not to disappoint. Click here to buy.

Krink K-42 Review and Test. CLICK FOR VIDEO!

  The K-42 paint marker is easy to use and comes in 22 stunning colors. Without using any harmful solvents the K-42′s vibrant colors are permanent and fade and water-resistant. Click here to buy.

Grog Mini Squeezer 10 FMP Review. CLICK FOR VIDEO!

This Grog Mini Squeezer is the secret weapon always ready for action. Pocket-sized, you can stash it anywhere with ease. This marker is pure dynamite! Watch this video and see… click here to buy.

Montana Cans UV-EFFECT spray Transparent 400ml. Click for video!

Montana UV-EFFECT is a transparent effect paint that is only visible under direct UV light. Able to be sprayed on nearly any substrate, the colorless and semi-gloss paint is not visible in sunlight rather illuminates when exposed to UV light with a glowing, blue-purple color. Ideal for indoor use, the luminous spray can be a great tool not just for making art or art happenings, but also in practical contexts such as Guerilla Marketing, night clubs, venue and property marking.

Russian Roulette Ink Buff Test! High Staining Ink. Click For Video!

The new ink out of Moscow, Russian Roulette, has provided a popular choice since we got the ink last year. A high staining ink that comes in a variety of colours, also boasts their own version of ‘Stealth’ invisible ink, that has heard some good feedback. Click here to cop the range; We are the ONLY distributor of Russian Roulette Ink in the UK!