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  • Chrome and Black Graff School

    Chrome and Black offers Youth Workshops and Corporate Team Bonding Workshops using the medium of graffiti art.
    Chrome and Black has launched the Graff School experience for people to learn and share the positive and creative aspects of the Graffiti culture in it’s purest form.

    During our specially designed 3 hour intensive course pupils will learn step by step basics from creating their own tag all the way through to completing a full colour ‘master-piece’.

    The Graff School experience is accompanied with an in depth visual presentation allowing pupils to learn about the history of the culture, who some of the most revered artists were and the techniques they used to create their art. Pupils will work initially on paper and then on to spray painting walls during the session so that the full range of graffiti skills can be experienced. By the end of the session, pupils will have:

    - Received the free Chrome and Black starter pack
    - Learnt about Graffiti history, techniques and theory
    - Created and practiced their own tag using pens and spray paint
    - Learnt how to paint large scale graffiti lettering with spray paint
    - Used colours to create amazing 'fills' for their lettering
    - Combine all of the skills aquired to create 'master-piece'
    - Receive digital photo-pack of their graff School experience

    With our philosophy of ‘Style Writing’, flow and construction of letters is focused on heavily as well as the relationship between different letters in a ‘piece’ and how they interact. Using word of mouth rules and teachings that have been passed down from 1970’s first wave New York writers to London’s own first wave in the early 1980’s, pupils will learn to create a masterpiece or Burner as they are known in their finished form. This course is not to be confused with a ‘street art’ workshop where organic mistakes are encouraged. All levels of artistic ability are welcomed because Graffiti is art from the streets and does not discriminate.

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